Do you want to give a try to your new look on your hair? If your answer is yes, Highlights can be a good suggestion for you. Instead of going salon, you can highlight your hair like an expert. There are some professional tips & tricks for applying a highlighter to help you to apply highlighter like a pro.

The guidelines for highlights at home:

  • At first, you need to select a kit that is made for highlights. The experts suggest that as a beginner you can choose the natural highlighted tones to keep your hair healthy. It is highly recommended that one should use two shades lighter than natural hair at maximum.

apply highlighter

  • Before highlighting, make sure that your hair is dry and unwashed. An old towel can be used to wipe your hand.
  • At first, after taking a small amount of hair, apply color. Wash it after keeping it for 10 minutes. If you are satisfied seeing your color lightness, you can apply your whole hair.

Some tips are there needed to remember:

  • Paint your hair leaving at least two inches from the roots of the hair.
  • Do not do it forcibly otherwise, the color will transfer to the hair below.
  • Make your hair stretch tightly to paint equally in every area of the hair.

  • No matter what the brand of Highlighter Company is, lightener always contains ammonia. The hair cuticle is opened and moisture is lost from the hair. For this reason, apply a branded quality shampoo after dyeing hair and then use a conditioner. Thereafter wash your hair.
  • If you want to apply highlighter like a makeup artist, select a contour shade around 2- shades that are darker than your natural base. The highlighter is needed 1-2 shades lighter. No matter whether you have fair or dark skin, select shades with cool undertones give a realistic contour look.