Are you planning to enjoy the summer in the swimming pool, be ready for damaging your hair? Unfortunately, the sun, sea, and chlorinated water can be the reason behind this problem. For this reason, there are some tips to protect hair when swimming needed.

The guidelines for protecting hair while swimming:

There are many ways to protect your hair from chlorine damage

  • Before getting into the pool, make your hair soaked in water that is not chlorinated. As chlorinated water can damage less comparatively.

keeps your hair healthy

  • Chlorine can prolong the locks of your hair. For this reason, applying shampoo twice can wash the bad effects of chlorine from hair. One can use a latex swimming cap while getting into the swimming pool. As it helps to protect your hair from damage. It will be best if the swimming pool water is not used on the head.
  • After getting out of the swimming pool, one can use chlorine removal shampoo as the components of this shampoo are beneficial both for skin and hair.
  • Apart from bathing in freshwater, applying coconut oil or olive oil to hair works as a shield to protect from the bad effects of chlorinated water in the swimming pool.
  • Do you feel thirsty while in a swimming pool? If your answer is yes, instead of dehydrating yourself, you should drink plenty of water. As it keeps your hair healthy.
  • Just like your skin, your hair also is needed some sunscreen. When you get into a swimming pool, it can protect hair from chlorine water.

  • Chlorinated water can deteriorate the protein structure of the hair. For this reason, use a weekly hair mask as it will protect your hair from dried, unmanageable situation. The hair mask brings back the luster of hair by smoothing the cuticle. The hair moisture component brings back the lost elasticity of hair and makes it manageable.
  • If you plan to go on holiday and are going to spend a long time in the swimming pool, you can cut your hair short so that your hair can not be damaged in the swimming pool easily.
  • Before jumping into the pool, applying conditioner can make your hair damage-free from chlorinated water. Make sure that the conditioner comes from a branded company.
  • If your hair is highlighted, you have to follow this guidance strictly for protecting your hair from swimming pool water. As the highlighted hair demands some extra care.