Frizz makes an impact on anyone but curly-headed ladies face the frizz problem almost daily. But we need to understand the reason behind the frizzy hair. The curly hair tends to be drier and prone to damage. It is difficult to manage. Curly-haired people have to put a lot of effort into managing hair. Before finding a solution, we need to know the reason behind curly hair.

  • When we become anxious, the hormone named cortisol releases from our body, and for this inflammation arises in our body. In this condition, hair follicles bulge and shrink. This ultimately becomes the reason for hair damage.
  • Most people use cotton pillowcases while sleeping. It is advised for curly-haired people not to use it as it increase the friction as a result curly hair frizzes.
  • The curly hair tends to become dry. For this, the high condition is required it.

For this reason, it is really important to tame frizzy curly hair efficiently.

The guidance required for taming the frizz in the curly hair:

Some tips to reduce frizz in curly hair. These are

  • When the curly-haired people bathe, make sure that he uses the shampoo and conditioner which moisture the hair largely.
  • Instead of using a rough cotton towel, use a soft cotton cloth to squeeze out the additional moisture from hair.
  • After that one can run his finger to detangle hair carefully or use a wide-toothed comb for detangling hair.
  • Thereafter, apply hair serum on the tip of the hair thoroughly for arresting moisture and resist humidity.
  • Instead of using a dryer, let your hair dry naturally in the air. As the heat of the dryer can damage the curls. You can trust upon daily styling spray.
  • These essential no-frizz tips can fight against humidity and keep your curls in an orderly manner.

detangle hair

How to style curly hair:

Since curly hair demands extra care, you can get smooth shiny curly hair by following the guidance. To get frizz-free curls, some steps are required to follow.

  • When you are outside of your home, apply a splash of water to dampen your hair or take shower while in the house. Make your hair wet by applying styling spray. It reduces the frizz and correctly places the curled hair for giving stylish look.
  • If you cannot control the frizz anyway, make a loose braid or do another hairstyle.