The sun not only damages your skin but your hair also. If you spend some time into summer, your hair loses its lustre and it becomes unmanageable. Your feel that your hair gets fried. To bring back the shine in your hair you need to follow some summer hair care tips.

Summer hair care tips:

  • Always use a scarf or hat whenever you go out of your house. It protects your hair from harmful UV rays.
  • After bathing, always use coconut oil or Shea butter for moisturizing your hair or you can wash your hair with apple cider vinegar mixed in water as a conditioner.

sunscreen protection

  • Many of us do not know apart from our skin, our hair also needs some sunscreen protection. For this, just rub some crème on your hair also. It will protect your hair from the harmful effect of sunray.
  • A casual braid making is best for protecting your hair from damaging while you are outside into the summer
  • During the summer, people can follow some summer hair care routines as instructed by Ayurveda. If one can take oil massage on the scalp regularly just for 15 minutes with ayurvedic oils and leave it for the whole day until the shampooing. The regular message on hair gives nourishment to follicles and helps in the growth of hair and prevents from accumulating dirt in hair.

hair care routines

  • If you want to get healthy summer hair, maintain a proper diet is one of the crucial things apart from these. Make your that, you take regularly dairy products like Curd, paneer, or any kind of dairy product. The vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower are extremely needed for getting healthy, happy, and shiny hair. Consumption of frozen foods, processed food is strictly prohibited.
  • Sleeping posture is one of the important guide to hair during summer. You have to go to the bed strictly at 11 pm and whenever you sleep to make sure that it is on the right side.