Do you have any experience about not getting the desired result after doing a manicure just for chipping your nail polish? If your answer is yes, it can be said that the problem lies in the application technique. Now we are going to discuss the ways to stop your nail polish chipping.

Easy ways to prevent nail polish chipping:

  • Before using the nail polish, never shake the bottle. Otherwise, you will get air bubbles on applying the nail polish.
  • If your nail beds come in contact with hot water, nail beds expand and the movement of the nail starts with it. As a result, nail breaks. To prevent your nail from cracking, you should not draw your nails immediately after taking a bathe.

applying nail polish

  • You should paint your nails by applying nail polish thickly. If your nail is coated with colour thickly and even if your first coat is streaky then the second layer can cover-up.
  • Before applying nail polish to your nail, make sure that your nail is free from dirt. Because if some oil is there over the hand, it creates a barrier from sticking colour on the nail.
  • Many of us colour our nails without filling colour at the tip of a finger. For this reason, once you have coated your nail bed with colour then drag some polish up to the tip of the nail. It will lower the chance of chipping.
  • The 4 steps are required to follow for applying nail polish. At first, you should start from the base court. After that, one layer is applied to the nail, and thereafter the second layer is applied. Now it is time to apply the final coat. But make sure that after drying each layer, the next step can be started. If you get a shiny look at your nail colour, you can be sure that the solvents got evaporated.

manicure tips

The tips are required to keep your nail polish from chipping;

There are some manicure tips needed to apply to keep your nail polish chipping. These are:

The nail artists suggest that before applying nail polish, one should not clean their hands.

One should fill the nails in various directions so that it will reduce the chance of chipping.

One can use cuticle oil for being hydrated on the nail plate but it can remove the dead skin cell carefully from the nail bed.